Pool computer is an android application for computing chemicals (pH and free chlorine) adjustments to your pool or spa water.

First enter your pool volume in the preferences menu.

First select your unit system (metric, US or UK)


Then enter the pool volume (The default value is 0) in the corresponding volume unit.

Reporting the reading from your test kit

use the sliders to report your PH, free chlorine (CL), Alkalinity, stabilizer and water temperature readings

use the check-box if your water has gone green or cloudy (need a super-chlorination)

Then, click on the “Compute” button to jump to the suggested adjustments:

Using the suggested adjustments

PH target: 7.4

PH ok between 7.2 and 7.6 (do not need adjustment)

if PH < 7.0 or PH 7.8 then no chlorine adjustment will be suggested since you need to adjust the pH first. The retest a few hours later.

Free chlorine target:

1.5 ppm (mg/liter) for usual pool sanitization

10 ppm for a shock chlorination

Alkalinity target: between 80ppm and 120 ppm

Stabilizer target:  minimum 30ppm but shall not exceed 80ppm otherwise you will have to drain partially (and refill) the pool to have a dilution of the stabilizer.

WARNING: Exercise extreme caution when handling chemicals

Click on the “Save” button to add the measured values to the log file.

The measure log

is the history of your pool water.

A green icon is displayed when the water has gone green and need super chlorination


PRO version specific feature

The PRO version is adfree.

With the PRO version, the csv file is not encrypted so it can be imported in excel as a text file.

The file is located at the root of the SD card.

poolcompter.csv for the free version (can’t be imported because it is encrypted)

poolcomputerpro.csv for the PRO version (can be imported in Excel)

It is a coma separated file. (important in the Excel import options)

Instead of copying the file from the SD card, you can send the file by email using the export menu